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Safety Investment: Legal Due Diligence

BHP Law Firm

Mar 2, 2023

The importance of legal due diligence in the world of business.

What is legal due diligence? Legal due diligence is an examination carried out by legal experts in accordance to the business entity’s business field.

Legal due diligence is important for many reasons, some example would be as follows:


a.     To investigate a company's legality.

b.     To examine and investigate the company legal compliance.

c.     To provide legal certainty (or validity of the company)

d.     To identify possible risk that may happen in accordance to business entity’s current condition

e.     To mitigate the risk management including business loss-risk

f.      To provide assurance

g.     Cost efficiency; save the cost of loss or lawsuits by identifying a risk before it happens.

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