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China State Construction and Engineering is the world's largest construction firm, with 2021 revenues of $293.7 billion, a record 17.1% increase from the previous year. It has recently completed high-profile construction projects, including the building of 28 Winter Olympics venues and 100 "emergency hospitals" to address pandemic-related medical needs. It will soon break ground on a 5G network in China's Henan Province, a solar-cell power plant in China's Shaanxi province, and the North East Rail Line in Victoria, Australia.




No. 9

China State Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

stands at number 9 on Fortune Global 500

for the year 2022.

Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 6.13.04 PM.png

As of 08/03/2022

Screenshot 2023-02-13 at 6.16.55 PM.png

As of 08/03/2022

Courtesy of Fortune Global 500

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